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3 Important Questions, before buying or sign agreement for security camera system

3 important questions, before buying security cameras

  1. Types of security camera: Why you need security cameras?
  2. How to safe money: Do you need indoor security cameras or outdoor security cameras?
  3. Where to install security cameras:

a) For wireless: Do you have wiring for security cameras like outlet from where your camera get power source? b) For wired: Do you need open wiring or concealed wiring?

How to find answer:

Every individual has its own priority and requirement; nobody give you best answer but we can help you to find out best option available for you

Below are the some suggestions or tips. You can read to understand how you can answer those question. Anyone like you want to get security camera system more cost affective and according to requirements. No waste of money!

  1. Types of Security Cameras: Why you need security camera?

Answer or suggestion:

The answer of this question depends on all of your budget and requirement.

For example, a small family home owner who has a new born baby. He / she can buy a security camera. He/she wants to monitor the baby, because he or she wants to stay out of the room. He or she does not need high mega pixel camera, because he or she just need to watch a child. He / she need such a device through which they can see live streaming. He/she doesn’t need a fix wiring. Camera power does not a big issue for installation to outlet. No reason to invest on expensive product because no return on investment.

In the opposite side a shop owner, who has valuable like inventory in their store. A business owner need camera in a business location, where the owner generate revenue. Definite he /she does not worry about price. The Business person should go for best products as affordable as he / she can without compromising required product features, because of its importances.

In the Market you can choose 720p resolution of security camera to upto 4k.

Extra tip: Before buying 4k camera. You should not forget to remind yourself that do you really need 4k camera. Is the job can be done without 4k? Because more resolution more kb per second data transfer. More data transfer, it means bigger storage required. Less storage its means, less number of days recoding. You can choose dvr or memory card for storage depends on requirements. The standard recommended resolution for normal camera usage is 1080p. You can also use advance camera features through which camera footage can be compressed. Compressed video take less kb. If you need more detail regarding this question feel free to contact us by filling initial information form link

Few available Cost affected Security cameras:


2. How to safe money: Do you need indoor security cameras or outdoor security cameras?

Answer or suggestion:

In simple words, there are two types of quality of security camera. One is waterproof and other is non waterproof. The outdoor camera can be used for indoor purposes as well as outdoor purposes. The outdoor camera should be water and weatherproof. The main difference is IP grade of a device. The circuit and design of camera depends on its IP grades. Normally good waterproof camera has IP66 grade standard.

Among all the 3 Important Questions, this is a important part After deciding which camera do you need. You need to see main feature of security camera. Following are most common features

1) Resolution

2)Night Vision

3)Motion detection

4)Mobile View

5)Easy to install. There are so many security cameras, which are neither easy to install, but also difficult to maintain or troubleshoot. In General The technician hourly charges are higher then cheaper cameras.

6)Pan and Tilt

7)Field of view (commonly angle degree of lens for instance 2.8mm is fisheye view, 3.6mm or 4mm lens, 12mm lens etc).

8) network connection options (like lan cable input, wifi connection without router or cloud app, hotspot, local connection, free cloud app etc)

9)Storage: Memory card support, Onviff NVR connection to store 24hour recording, NETIP connection, encrypted Cloud storage etc.

10) Human Body Detection, Area detection, motion sensitivity etc. 11) Two Way Communication

3) how to install security cameras:

a) For wireless: Do you have wiring for security cameras like outlet from where your camera power source will be connected?

b) For wired: Do you need open wiring or concealed wiring?

Answer or Suggestion:

For installation purposes either you install surveillance camera yourself or someone else help you out for installation. You have to consider few thing to calculate to measure cost and convenience.

All installation depend on types of cameras its also a part of 3 Important Questions

a)For wireless security camera:

You need to figure out: Do you have outlet for power input? Because most of wireless security camera just need to connect to outlet. The power outlet should be near by the hookup location. Second you need to figure out wifi range of the camera. For non stop footage you need proper strength of wifi. If you have low signal of wifi, you can extend wifi range with help of wifi extender or repeater.

b) For wired security camer:

Mostly analog camera(DVR kit) and (network video recorder) NVR kit need wiring to connect with power source. In this regard you have two option one power cable with data cable together to move around. Data cable can be move around and connect power source with power supply. The main concern is that either you can use concealed wiring or you can do open wiring, either way. It is time consuming job and the installation cost you higher than security cameras.

The two types of camera either wireless or wired both are used depend on what you need for it.

3 Important Questions summery:

  1. Find out how many outdoor camera do you need?
  2. What features do you need?
  3. Where do you want to install the cameras and what options do you have?

Share your requirement or comments!

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