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3 Difference between normal tempered glass vs UV Glue Tempered Glass

UV Glue Tempered Glass

There are several important factors where you can easily distinguish between UV glue tempered glass vs normal half glue or full glue tempered glass

  1. Sensitivity: Normal tempered glasses do not easily attach on curve screen and loose sensitivity with touch screen especially if your mobile phone screen is curved at the other side UV glue is a liquid solution so it is spread and connected nano tempered glass completely with curve screen and get dried to strong connection by UV light – therefore it gives 99.9% great sensitivity experience of the curve touch screen.
  2. Durability: Apex innovative wholesale inc. Nano UV glue kit solution is consolidated by experts that is the reason, our UV glue do not damage your screen and speaker and gives strong protection of the curved screen. Your mobile touch screen and tempered glass give you long time good experience
  3. Cost-effective: The normal good tempered glass prices starting from 15$ and they do not last and give you smooth protection and touch screen sensitivity for a long time so you have to spend and buy tempered glass again and again at the end you spend at least triple as the price of 35$ of UV glue tempered glass kit retail price.

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