Warranty, Return and Refund Policy

Policy updated Feb 6th, 2022 (This policy will be implemented after Feb 6th, 2022 till new policy will be published.

1 year free Technical support and 3 Days Checking Warranty (Electronic devices or parts)

  • No warranty will be accepted in case of damages cable or any parts or wrong connection
  • Return the faulty or unsatisfied products within 3 days checking warranty period
  • All warranty will be void after 3 days of purchase or after 3 days of receiving the goods
  • Shipping cost will be paid by the buyer in all case before or after the warranty period
  • Return Products must be not in used condition and must be in original condition and packaging.
  • Return and exchange are Accepted if we will not be able to solve the issue.
  • Only Store credit will be issued in case of return products.
  • Within the warranty period If the customer is not satisfied with the product, even it is not a faulty product, the customer will pay the shipping cost and/or restocking cost. Full product refund to the Store Credit of buyer on www.WholesaleProductsPro.com account. Eligible only with Apex innovative wholesale logo embossed products.
  • All shipping charges only buyer will be responsible.

What happened if purchased product stop working after warranty period?

We provide technical support free of charge for 1 year of all electronics products as possible as free after purchase of goods, but if we visit the location where the product install we charge visiting charges including fuel and transport

Technical Support regarding mobile phone parts may be charged, if any reason we found mistake from customers end.

We try our best to deal only best quality products as price as we are selling. that is the reason we discontinue selling products if we do not find good customers experience or low standard experience of product.

We test and check products one by one in detail, though we have 3 days checking warranty for customer satisfaction. If any issue, we still do our best to solve the product issue after warranty period but not guaranteed

Please decide what you want to buy with complete detail we provide free consultancy with our best code of ethics before selling any products. So take time and ask complete detail at info@WholesaleProductsPro.ca