Code of Ethics Apex Innovative Wholesale Inc.

  • Honesty: 

    Always be honest, everyone must own and learn from their mistakes. We expect the same attitude with everyone, including customers, supplier, professional support etc.

  • Communication Behaviour:

    Communication will be polite, informative and to the point. No extreme tones will be accepted from the client or owner, employee, contractor, supplier, professional support provider or any other party.

  • Individual Respect: 

Everyone will be respected; there is zero tolerance for disrespectful attitudes (verbally or nonverbally). 

  • Transparent Career Path:

    All employees will be apprised of and be able to access career opportunities. We have complete guide for our future heros. Our Heros grow with company and long terms career and mutual benefit program for them.

  • Bribe/gift tangible or intangible:

    We will not accept any kind of reward, gift, or interest from suppliers or contractors or customers in return for any favours, perceived or real.

  • Equality:

    Equal opportunity will be provided to all employees. The same rules of pay increments or decreases will be applied regardless of ethnicity, language, gender, background, academic qualification. Objective criteria such as skills and experience will be used for assessment purposes.

  • Tangible or intangible harassment:

    Harassment from any gender will not be tolerated. This could be tangible (physical) but also intangible Such as monopoly, grouping, bullying etc.

  • Safety:

    Safety is first in our workplace. If anyone does not feel or think they are safe regarding any business or employment practice, they can raise their concern without any hesitation and the situation will be dealt with immediately.

  • Zero tolerance in intended false communication:

    Spreads any false information will not be tolerated. Should there by any concern with behavior, the proper protocol is to check with particular person first, and if that is insufficient, to report to the manager or supervisor.

  • Freedom of speech or freedom of belief unless it does harm:

    Everyone has a right to follow their own beliefs and will be allowed to practice in workplace unless or until that practice will harms others or is against our code of ethics or law.

  • Zero tolerance in favouritism:

    Favouritism for the owner or colleague or contractor or customer or others will not be tolerated until or unless it is based on rational facts or evidence such as providing a discount to a non profit organization.

  • Confidentiality and Trust:

    Code of Ethics apex based on Personal and business confidentiality will be maintained at all costs. Breaches can result in legal or ethical action immediately.

  • Privacy of individual environment:

    Every individual has a right to maintain privacy outside and inside business premises. Nobody will be allowed to enter anyone’s private life.

  • Positive marketing / sales strategy Policy:

    We only highlight good things in our product, service, or environment to sell our goods, services or business. No one is allowed to market ourselves or business with highlighting competitor negativity or weakness.

If You think we can do business with common term of ethics

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